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Friday, November 04, 2011

So hello there, folks! It's been what? Four years? Not too long. So you're probably wondering what's been happening. Well, I have since conceived and birthed another child and gotten a new diagnosis for Mina. Turns out that the tantruming for Barney wasn't just a personality thing, it was Autism. I suspected it before and had her checked out, but they had originally thought it was just the delays in DS. When I read Jenny McCarthy's books and compared her with other kiddos with DS, I realized that it was autism. And after two consecutive days with different medical professionals, my suspicions were confirmed. That was a game changer, but a blessing as now we have answers and new options to help her. Once you google the word Autism, a whole new world opens up for therapy and treatments that would otherwise be closed off to a kid with DS. It shouldn't be, but it is.

Meanwhile, we have Evangelina who is now three. She is outgoing, vivacious, and quirky. She also has hypotonia, and anxiety disorder (so far, but we'll see if it turns out to be Asbergers or OCD in the future.) She also has auditory sensitivity. She is absolutely hilarious, and Mina ADORES her!

So there in a nutshell is what has been happening. I plan on either changing the title to this blog or creating a new one. We shall see what we shall see.


Wednesday, August 22, 2007


If you have a child who needs to use a picture communication system like PECS, and you could create your own set, what would you like to see available? What features are important to you? Realistic drawings or actual images? What do you find lacking in other systems? Please leave a comment and let your imagination go. I'd love to hear your opinions, as I have some issues with the system we're using now.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Lighting a Candle for Gabi
Today, a sweet little angel with T21 named Gabi earned her wings tonight after complications from OHS. Please pray for her family and friends at this time for comfort, and if you feel so inclined, light a candle in her honor.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Mina's First Time in the Pool

Today we took out the old pool from the garage that we had bought for Cletus. He never used it, so Jim cleaned it up, and we put Shmonk in it. She liked being in it, but she was more interested in taking in the whole environment....the water, the trees, the sun and wind. It was all just very fascinating to her. We took a bunch of shots and a video which you can view at There is also a video of me taking her for a walk to build up her endurance. Anyway, they both came out really cute. Here is one of the photos we took today. Please excuse my "swimwear" as I have not had a swimsuit since about 20 years ago, so I look particularly "lovely." Shmonk, on the other hand, is as adorable as ever. How DOES she do it?! Must be Daddy's side of the family!


Saturday, July 07, 2007

I'm "It"

I've been tagged by Miranda, Shaylee's mom. I have to answer questions with only one word.

1. Where is your cell phone? Purse
2. Relationship? married
3 Your hair? long
4 Work? Mom
5 Your sister? two
6 Your favorite things? Mina
7 Your dream last night? strange
8 Your favorite drink? coffee
9 Your dream car? Runs
10 The room you're in? living room
11 Your shoes? keds
12 Your fears? cancer
13 What do you want to be in 10 years? Zookeeper
14 Who did you hang out with this weekend? family
15 What are you not good at? high math
16 Muffins? Chocolate
17 Wish-list item? bigger home
18 Where you grew up? Illinois
19 The last thing you did? joined neighbor for walking dog
20 What are you wearing? camo cargos
21 What are you not wearing? bra (TMI)
22 Your pet? cats, dog
23 Your computer? works
24 Your life? boring, but ok
25 Your mood? moody
26 Missing? going out, school, work
27 What are you thinking about? learning Cherokee heritage
28 Your car? borrowed mini-cooper
29 Your kitchen? 50's
30 Your summer? hot
31 Your favorite color? green
32 Last time you laughed? last night
33 Last time you cried? last night while laughing
34 School? I wish!
35 Love? craft fairs
36 Tag? Michelle, Kayla's mom

I Am Two Years Old, Can You Tell?

Yep, that's my girl! Our sweetie pie is not only taller and walking, but she's discovered the fine arts of temper tantrums, whining, and eating in order to stall bedtime! One day of a delayed nap / late nap, and she's now moved from a 7:30-8:00 bedtime and waking at 6:00 am to falling asleep at 9:15 pm and waking at 7:30-8:00 am. We got her back to a more reasonable 7:30 pm-8:00 pm, but she skipped her nap yesterday, so she napped until 4:00 pm today. Back to the drawing board!

As far as the therapies that we've been working on, it's been a mix between PT and ST. Mina walks, but her endurance is not good, so we've been having her take walks and we makeshifted a bench for her to sit on that forces her to place weight on her feet even when she sits down to watch the infamous Barney. We've got the abdominal binder to help support her core muscles too. All of this was recommended by her new PT who is also the main one to help out at MyGym....I think she's the head PT. Meanwhile, we have to work on cup drinking and chewing in a big way. We had her drinking better out of a cup before, but I backed off since she wasn't getting enough back to the bottle we went. Unfortunately, it's been a real struggle with her again. She only wants to chew crunchy foods and sometimes something like a donut hole or a piece of string cheese. Otherwise she tongue mashes it or swallows the stuff immediately. So we've had to revert back to mushing up her food (oh, and she's been getting pickier lately, too.....NOT a good combo, my friends) She was chewing before too, so she's gone backwards a little bit. The other thing is, she doesn't like to try new foods much, so that has also been a challenge. I REFUSE to have a really picky eater on my hands after encountering people dealing with the issue. I guess it's not up to me, but I could use the extra help in the eating department. These things really have to be addressed by the time she gets to preschool in November.

Meanwhile she's doing really well in the hour at the daycare each week with Miss Tammy and occassionally, Miss Susan. No crying this last time except when another kid cried, and I think that's an emerging trait they call showing "empathy" so I'll take it! At MyGym this week, she just ROCKED! She did all of the gymnastics without too much complaining, and that is a huge thing because she ALWAYS cries at that stuff. So again, a major feat.

On the less aggravating front, she LOVES getting OFF the couch (and is trying to get on it) both backwards and forwards. When she tries to get up, she just giggles as I help her. And she has two ways to get down: one is turning over and facing the couch with feet first. The other is scooching forward on the couch until her legss dangle down and then swinging them until she slides off. It is TOO cute!
[Oh sure, it figures! Daddy just stepped out to start the grill on his day to watch her and she starts pooping! Guess who's gonna have to clean it up! Hee hee! Oh well.....but I digress] Anyway, she has also discovered cuddling with her mommy on the rocking recliner, so for those days when it gets hard and tiring for Mommy, it's a nice change of pace. The funny thing is, I had just posted on the T21 forum how she doesn't like to cuddle or anything, and then all of a sudden she decides it's a great thing to do. Utter Bliss, ain't it moms?!

Monday, June 11, 2007


Ok, so I admit the fact that these literal "buggers" don't hurt you. But I found myself reduced to "a girl" when they were swarming around today! I got the heebie jeebies really badly while I was out strolling with Mina today. I feel really ashamed considering that last wednesday, we went out along with her speech therapist, and the therapist had no qualms about picking one up and putting it on Mina's stroller tray. Of course, my little girl could care less! She was more interested in looking around and having the wind blow her in her face while her tongue was out to taste it (the wind, that is! Tasting cicadas is more of our dog, Cletus' thing....YECH!!!) So my mother, who had no problems with insects, would be mortified to see her daughter do such a girly, girly thing as running from harmless locusts. Sigh! Sorry Mom!

Meanwhile, if you'd like to hear what we hear all of the time down our street, go to

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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Lipsmackin' and realizations!

I got a video of Shmonkey asking for Barney and smacking her lips. She was doing the lip thing all day today (well, both of them actually! hee hee) If you want to see it, go to:

Also, I found myself underestimating Mina's abilities? I saw her going through an older book of hers and pointing at things. It took a minute to dawn on me that the things she was pointing to were things I've pointed out to her periodically on walks or what have you. She has a "my little pony" that she just started playing with today(or rather shaking it by the hair!) and when I put in on her chair while she wasn't looking and asked her where her horse was, she turned, looked at it, and picked it up! It just amazed me as I have only referred to this toy as "horsey" a few times. She doesn't pick out animals or anything if you call them out, but obviously she figured out that it was a horse without any problem.
So....I guess I am saying that I've been shortchanging her by thinking she doesn't know certain things, and now I have to just act as though she does because she just may. DOH!!!! She IS a little smarty pants, and I just have to get that through my head and start "forgetting" she's delayed.
Bad Mommy! Bad!!!!