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Monday, June 11, 2007


Ok, so I admit the fact that these literal "buggers" don't hurt you. But I found myself reduced to "a girl" when they were swarming around today! I got the heebie jeebies really badly while I was out strolling with Mina today. I feel really ashamed considering that last wednesday, we went out along with her speech therapist, and the therapist had no qualms about picking one up and putting it on Mina's stroller tray. Of course, my little girl could care less! She was more interested in looking around and having the wind blow her in her face while her tongue was out to taste it (the wind, that is! Tasting cicadas is more of our dog, Cletus' thing....YECH!!!) So my mother, who had no problems with insects, would be mortified to see her daughter do such a girly, girly thing as running from harmless locusts. Sigh! Sorry Mom!

Meanwhile, if you'd like to hear what we hear all of the time down our street, go to

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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Lipsmackin' and realizations!

I got a video of Shmonkey asking for Barney and smacking her lips. She was doing the lip thing all day today (well, both of them actually! hee hee) If you want to see it, go to:

Also, I found myself underestimating Mina's abilities? I saw her going through an older book of hers and pointing at things. It took a minute to dawn on me that the things she was pointing to were things I've pointed out to her periodically on walks or what have you. She has a "my little pony" that she just started playing with today(or rather shaking it by the hair!) and when I put in on her chair while she wasn't looking and asked her where her horse was, she turned, looked at it, and picked it up! It just amazed me as I have only referred to this toy as "horsey" a few times. She doesn't pick out animals or anything if you call them out, but obviously she figured out that it was a horse without any problem.
So....I guess I am saying that I've been shortchanging her by thinking she doesn't know certain things, and now I have to just act as though she does because she just may. DOH!!!! She IS a little smarty pants, and I just have to get that through my head and start "forgetting" she's delayed.
Bad Mommy! Bad!!!!