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Monday, April 09, 2007

Lazy Woman Has Figured it Out....she thinks.....

I was tagged by Rose to think about 5 things I love about being a woman (or was it feminism???) So here goes nothin'!

1) Being able to conceive, carry, and give birth to another human being. It creates a bond I never knew existed.

2) The multitude of clothing options for us. I mean let's face it....we can get away with men's style suits, but men can't get away with frilly lingerie!

3) The way we're wired to be compassionate and relational. It can be emotionally draining, but I think the human race would die off if it didn't have that social bond. Not that men can't bond, but it's just a particular strength of women, in my opinion.

4) Something Rose said hit me......just the ability to be engulfed by someone bigger's arms and be secure and safe there.

5) When you beat a guy at something a guy thinks you can't do because you're a woman, and you do it without hurting his ego.

I probably could have come up with some better things, but I am fairly out of it this evening (as an old boss would say, "just today, Julie?!"...thanks Rita!)



At 10 April, 2007 09:56, Blogger Bennetts said...

finally and they were all great!


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