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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I was looking at the calendar today and remembered that it is the first day of Cherokee II class (or Tsalagi). And I thought to myself, "Why not do a Cherokee word or phrase for the day" for the heck of it. So here goes:

Osiyo! Tohitsu? [Hi! How are you?] It's pronounced, "Oh see yo! Toe hee juh?" (bold for accented syllable)

I wrote it in English characters, but Cherokee is actually the first, and one of the only native languages that has its own writing system, called a syllabary. It was created by Sequoyah after he saw the white man with what he called, "talking leaves" (books.) According to what I've read, it is the only written language in the world created by just one person. Also it only took a couple of days for a person to learn. Pretty cool!



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