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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Heh heh heh! My daughter decided that she was going to boycott naptime today. She kept yelling, "Aaaahhhh!" in her crib, and I knew that there was no way that she was going down today. So I pulled her out and she had a great time watching Barney, eating some yogurt, drinking her milk, and banging the stacking cups together. At about 5:15, she started showing signs of I broke out the ziti and fed her. Well, I gave her a couple of spoons of spinach after the pasta went down when all of a sudden her eyes started closing. Then the head jerked once or twice. I just dropped everything, picked her up, and within maybe a minute or so she was fast asleep in my arms. 5:45 pm and my two and a half year old is already asleep!!! I hope to God that she sleeps through the night. Otherwise we're gonna hear feet swishing and tooth grinding in the middle of the night. I gotta say, though, that she was awfully darn cute passing out in her high chair!!!


At 11 April, 2007 08:01, Blogger Michelle - Momma to 2 Muffins - Soon to be 3! said...

Yep - Elliot too is skipping his nap time, but gee, he is only 8 months old! Too funny about "passing out" right after dinner! So, did she sleep through or was she in during the wee hours of the morn? What a dolly that girl is! :)


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